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We want the communities and societies in which we operate to be better off for AngloGold Ashanti having been there.

Contributing to resilient, sustainable communities

We understand the influential role that mining companies can play in the development of local communities and their supporting economies and strive as far as possible to nurture harmonious relationships with host communities.

This is especially important in the context of the complex and diverse environments where we operate. The socio-economic issues most prevalent in our host communities include unemployment, low economic growth, inadequate infrastructure and lack of access to services including healthcare and education. Communities also have concerns about food and water security.

In framing our approach to social contribution, we are guided by a set of management standards that outline the philosophy, scope and application of our community development initiatives. Focus areas include:

  • Enterprise and supplier development
  • Localisation of employment and procurement opportunities
  • Infrastructure development
  • Public health initiatives
  • Education and skills development

For further information, refer to <SR>2020: Contributing to resilient, self-sustaining communities

Policies and standards

2020 statistics

Community investment

(2019: $27.69m)

Local procurement
Local procurement spend

(2019: $2.05m)

Community incidents

(2019: 32)

Security and human rights

0 incidents or allegations
(2019: 3 allegations)

Human rights

Respecting human rights means we endeavour, in every way, to conduct our business without causing harm to people. Aspects of human rights cut across our entire business and are applicable to every stage of the mine lifecycle. 

AngloGold Ashanti played an active role in the development of the United Nations Guiding Principles of Business and Human Rights, and we understand our responsibility to not only uphold the rights of individuals where our company has an impact, but also to encourage state actors to protect human rights and seek remedy for potentially affected parties.

Security and human rights

Our primary security concern is the safety of people, which includes employees as well as host communities. We also take precautions to protect our assets and secure the long-term operational stability of our mines. Our most significant security challenges are where there is endemic poverty, high levels of unemployment and few opportunities for alternative livelihoods.

The AngloGold Ashanti Global Security Framework was designed to meet security needs while maintaining respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. We are also a signatory to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, which is recognised as international best-practice for the professional and transparent utilisation and conduct of security forces for the extraction industry.

For further information, refer to <SR>2020: Human rights and security

Policies and standards

The rights of indigenous peoples

We engage and align with communities, including indigenous peoples.

Embedded in our values is understanding and respect for the values, traditions, and cultures of the local and Indigenous Communities in which we operate. Although only our operations in Australia are close to indigenous communities, AngloGold Ashanti seeks to ensure that our interactions with Indigenous Peoples are in keeping with the basic human rights and their social, economic and environmental interests. We are guided by our human rights framework and the Indigenous Peoples Management Standard which aligns with international standards and conventions including the ICMM Position Statement on Indigenous Peoples and the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standard 7 on Indigenous Peoples.

The principles of free, prior, informed consent are therefore largely applied in all our interactions with host communities and indigenous peoples, focusing on good faith negotiation. In addition, our Cultural Heritage and Sacred Sites Management Standard supports our focus on the rights of Indigenous Peoples. We contribute through various programmes aimed at providing opportunities for participation in employment, education, gender equality, inclusive procurement, among others.

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Our enduring legacy in South Africa

In October 2020, our South African operations transitioned to a new future with Harmony Gold. Founded in 1998, with roots reaching back to the development of South Africa’s goldfields, AngloGold Ashanti’s operations have contributed significantly to South Africa’s socio-economic development and its people over the past two decades.

Aqua culture project in Iduapriem to boost local fish farming industry

At AngloGold Ashanti, it is our aim to contribute to resilient, self-sustaining communities. One of the ways in which we do so at our Iduapriem mine is by developing the local fish farming industry as an alternative and sustainable source of livelihood for communities.

The Market Garden Project in Siguiri empowers local women

In 2013, Siguiri mine conducted a socio-economic baseline study on Block 1 of its concession. Findings revealed that the host communities have large tracts of wetland conducive for agriculture. However, these agricultural lands were used only in a marginal way by a tiny proportion of the population due to the high prevalence of artisanal mining.

Siguiri cashew project: creating sustainable livelihoods

After extensive consultation with the community of Siguiri to address high levels of unemployment and looking at what was available as a source of income for the community, a decision was made to construct a semi-mechanised cashew processing plant.

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