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Serra Grande, Brazil

Serra Grande is located in central Brazil in the state of Goiás, about 5km from the city of Crixás.


AngloGold Ashanti

including contractors
Mineral Resource
Zen rocks
of gold
Gold production
2019: 123Koz
All-in sustaining costs
2019: $1,105/oz
Contribution to group production


Mineração Serra Grande (MSG or Serra Grande) is wholly owned by AngloGold Ashanti and is located in the northwest of Goiás State, central Brazil.

The Serra Grande operation comprises three underground mines, namely Mina III (including orebody IV, V and Ingá), Mina Nova (including Pequizão orebody) and Mina Palmeiras. The open pits mine the outcrop of Mina III Inferior and Structure IV zones, and Pequizão. Three mining methods are used underground: sub-level stoping (bottom-up and top-down), cut and fill, and room and pillar.

One dedicated metallurgical plant, with an annual capacity of 1.5Mt, treats all ore mined.

A brief history

  • Exploration began in 1973 with a phase of detailed mapping and DD, which continued until 1976.
  • The mining operation started up in 1986 in Mina III and the metallurgical plant start-up was in 1989.
  • Serra Grande production peaked at 193kozpa in 2006, supported by high grades.
  • In 2009, the metallurgical plant was expanded to 1.3Mtpa to compensate for a declining grade-profile.
  • In 2012 AngloGold Ashanti acquired the 50% stake that belonged to the Kinross Group.
Map Brazil, location of Serra Grande

ESG statistics 2020

All injury frequency rate

3.80 per million hours worked
(2019: 6.11)

Community investment

(2019: $431m)

Payments to government

(2019: $109m)

Reportable environmental incidents

1 (2019: 0)

Water use

(2019: 443ML)

Water use efficiency

(2019: 0.34kL/t)

Energy consumption

(2019: 0.62PJ)

Energy use intensity

(2019: 0.47GJ/t)

GHG emissions

(2019: 24kt)

GHG emission intensity

16kg/t CO2e
(2019: 18kg/t CO2e)

Cyanide use

(2019: 572t)

Rehabilitation liabilities

(2019: $20m)

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